Product Styling, Content Creation

Before Breakfast can create some engaging Insta worthy pictures of your product for your SM and other online content.

We create styled content from fashion, homewares, hats or fruit.. like this delicious bunch of strawberries IMG_7310To makeup brushes for a  beauty flatlay


Email me today if you would like some styled content created by me for your Instagram, blog or other social media or scroll on down to see the Insta Snap courses I have available for you to take your own.


If you would like to collaborate with Before Breakfast contact us today.


To expand our portfolio we sometimes collaborate with businesses or brands through products swaps or through tagged shares on social media, mainly Instagram.

It’s a great way to expand networks by connecting and creating together.

Instagram Courses


Geelong Small Business and Creatives

Are you a small business? Do you sew, bake, paint, take pics, make candles, cakes or hats?

Are you getting requests from people wanting to buy what you make and the demand is becoming greater than you can supply to a Sunday market?

Is your product or business undiscovered, hidden from the millions on Instagram that could be potential clients?

Am I asking too many questions…?

Oh how random all these questions are but many small businesses and creatives are finding they need more of an online presence and don’t know where to start.

Don’t just post random pics of your product and wonder why no one likes them. Don’t take no likes as rejection because Instagram is a bit of a game, a club, a puzzle that once you know the rules you’ll be on a level playing field.

Before Breakfast will put together packages to give you some great tips and ideas on how to get it right at the start so you, your business or creative streak can find their place on Instagram.

Course: Instagram Power Sessions

$150  for a two-hour session (up to 2 people) (POA up to 12 max)

Larger group discounts apply

You may see all these funny little icons (below pic) on your Instagram and have no idea how to use these to your advantage. If you don’t see them I’ll help you set up your account and identify what they all are.

FullSizeRender (15)

This is designed for businesses and creatives for a one on one training session introducing you to all things Insta.

We’ll set you up an account if you don’t have one and explain:

  • The perfect bio
  • Instagram and business
  • Posting pics
  • Basics of taking an Insta pic
  • Frequency of posting
  • Captions
  • Hashtags
  • Engagement
  • Increasing your followers organically
  • How to find other content
  • Facebook vs Instagram
  • All things tagging
  • Deleting unwanted comments
  • Blocking spammers
  • Usernames and bio names
  • Connecting your other SM from Instagram
  • Adding your business or other location
  • Verifying your account
  • Switching from a personal to business profile
  • Posting multiple pics
  • Boomerang
  • Call to action
  • Copyright issues
  • What bots are
  • Handy apps to enhance and manage your Instagram
  • A PDF info sheet sent to you with active links to some awesome Insta stuff.
  • Before Breakfast welcome pack.

There are other courses in basic Instagram but they are often in a large group environment.  Particiapants of our courses have many ‘wow’ moments because of our smaller groups and because I make each point relevent to their business or brand. To fully explain all these things and answer any questions I keep groups at a maximum of five (email me for this group rate) any larger groups I suggest a longer session to fully allow for clear understanding and expanation of all things Insta.

Course: Insta Snap & Theme Perfection

$300  for a  3-hour session

Up to two people max.

(Email for a custom group rate for 3 – 12)

Need to take some awesome product pics but don’t know how?

I’ll show you some easy tips that will transform your product pics into an Insta knockout.


I can show you how to make a drab product pic go from this to this.

IMG_6789   FullSizeRender (10)

Same product, same spot and only a few minutes in between pictures.

All taken with my iPhone.
Which do you think is more Insta Worthy?

This is only a quick example of what can be acheived.  I’ll share my prop secrets you can use to make your pics amazing, and you can bring in any of your own products to photograph during the sessions.  You will walk away with heaps of knowledge plus some Insta worthy pics for your timeline.   I’ll have my camera there but we’ll do most with your phone because I like to enable you to take what you have on hand to create the best pics possible.

See more of our pics

Included in the course is a selfie session..

Want to take a selfie but can’t get it quite right?   Hold that phone up a little, tilt your head to the side… Snap, filter, crop and Mayfair away.

Here’s one I took earlier.


Training session includes for product 

  • Product positioning
  • Editing your pics on your phone: filters, resizing etc
  • Themed timelines and how they increase engagement
  • Flatlay masterclass
  • Selfie tips
  • Tools of the trade eg. props
  • Captions
  • Brainstorming explosion
  • Content creation
  • Phone photography session guided by me
  • Editing session up to 5 pics
  • Before Breakfast welcome pack

You’ll walk away with some valuable product pics, inspiration, motivation and loads of ideas to blitz Instagram.

More about our sessions

All sessions that Before Breakfast run are a bunch of fun. We take the fluid approach in that we have a set structure to our sessions but can veer if you need or have a question burning or an  instant idea you want to try.

Instagram is a creative process and where most classes say : Turn off your phones, we want yours in front of you ready to find your way around Instagram and use this powerful tool in the class to go Insta crazy.


Other Services 

Contracts Instagram POA

So you love Instagram but have no idea how to approach social influencers or what strategies to use.  I’ll go into detail, the next level of how to use Instagram to get your name/brand/product out there.  I’ll show you how to draw up a contract for any social media influencers you may feel would be suitable for your brand.

Believe it or not, influencers won’t just post a pic of your product because they like it… There are agreements/contracts in place from how many for a product, payment, length that the picture may remain on their timeline and more.  This should be sorted out prior and a contract should be discussed to ensure you are protected.

If you are an influencer I can do the same for you to ensure you get maximum rates for your services.

How to run an Instagram Giveaway (POA)

Tag to enter? Repost to enter….

How does it all work?

An Instagram giveaway is a great way to increase followers through tagging of likeminded people.

There are a few mistakes that can be made so get it right from the start.

I’ll set up and monitor the giveaway for you or provide you with all the info you need to run a giveaway yourself.

Account Management

$500 per month  20 pics

*conditions apply


I’ll create some awesome styled product pics, edit them and schedule them to be posted with captions and hashtags.  That’s only $25 per pic and all the hard work done.

I can post them for you at an extra rate or give you all the insight on how to schedule and post efficiently through a scheduling program.

Email me to discuss a discounted lower rate for longer contracts.

Social Influencers

Call or email me to discuss how I can connect you with complimentary businesses, brands or bloggers to promote your products.


Blog Set Up

From $300  

Includes two training sessions.

You want to blog, start a webpage for your small business or creative project but don’t have a big budget?

I can set you up a WordPress blog to set you on your blogging journey.  This includes a power session prior to determine your needs and assistance in setting up social channels.  Do it right the first time so you don’t have to re brand later.
I’ll also give you another session once set up so you will know how to maintain your site.

Email me with any questions or requests and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

All quotes valid for two weeks from date of issue.  Prices are subject to change dependent on session times, travelling costs etc.

Please note that Before Breakfast is not registered for GST

Full terms and conditions