Before Breakfast Accounts

Before Breakfast has set up and manages the following accounts.

Tamzen Temple


Tamzen Temple the blog is based on the impact social media and other technologies have on day to day life.  She is a part fictional character who writes the ridiculous and is a professional makeruppera with her main cause being to change the world by bringing back decency, commonsense and manners through her “Just be Freaking Nice!!” message.       Tamzen Temple is my own blog where I can let my hair down and have a little bit of fun.



Skol is a group of guys in an Aussie shed who create awesome music. Predominately songwriters they churn out new music and Periscope across the world.  They have embraced all social channels and are currently refining their works to submit in songwriting competitions.

Account Management




I am absolutely honored to be working with Chibebe the world’s number one baby beanbag brand.  I manage the Chibebe Instagram account and work alongside the team to create awesome content.  I put together Instagram contracts for collaborations with bloggers or other social influencers to promote and relay the message that Chibebe is a reputation not a name.  I have also worked together with Chibebe to create content for their site and I must say they are the most creative caring team who have the comfort of babies on their mind constantly.  They ship worldwide and it’s been inspiring and a privilege to work with them.

Chibebe Snuggle Pods aren’t just for comfort but provide benefits to bubs with reflux, flat head and hip dysplasia.

 What’s After Breakfast?

After a session with Before Breakfast you will be able to use social media confidently. You will be able to manage your accounts posting photos, tweeting and sharing on Facebook.

If you should decide you want to embark on a full campaign, image overhaul, re-branding or find you just don’t have the time to manage your accounts I have put together for you a list of the best in the region to save you from searching.

I’ll add as I find and develop relationships to give you a wide range of experts in their area.