Why on Earth are you called Before Breakfast?

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Three reasons and here they are.

  1. If you’re like many I know  I bet you use your phone as your alarm. To switch off that alarm or to snooze we make contact with out phone and while we have it there in our hand we check if we have any notifications from social media, Facebook, Instagram, emails and we do all this before breakfast
  2. If you ask any successful person when they start their day, when they get their best ideas, most will say before breakfast. The mind is fresh and new, usually after a great sleep and successful people don’t wait until they get to work to begin. Chances are they have a zillion ideas and plans to get them into action well before they’ve had their first bite of toast.
  3. To get a great start to the day you need a great breakfast.  To get a grip on all this Instagram biz you need to start with small bites.  I’ll show you the basics, give you the first meal to get you started.  I can then lead give you strategies to grow your audience and create great content.

What do you know about Instagram Tamara Zito?

To begin with I have a blog that you can check out here.  tamzentemple.com.au

It’s based on a part fictional character who sports a hashtag tattoo on her hand and an @ tattoo on her index finger. I have an absolute fascination with the social changes that social media has brought about in households as not a day passes that we don’t use or mention social media. I have a Tumblr link to my blog and spread the message of Tamzen Temple through other channels such as Stumble Upon and Reddit.

I have two of every account for that blog and Before Breakfast.  I manage the Instagram, Facebook, Gplus, Twitter for these pages and make YouTube videos in a reality/satire style that specifically explores the impact of social media in homes.

I also have a self published book on Amazon called The Gomez Girls and this means I have a whole other Instagram account.  Ahhh I’ll admit, I’m addicted to creating with words and obsessed with creating pics and concepts for Instagram.

I know the value of an audience and appreciate that to keep them interested, to keep them engaged, I have to come up with new ideas, a definite style, and brand identity. It is the same with customers/clients.  To keep get your name out there and stand out from your competitors you need to utilize what’s there for free and explore the other aspects of advertising in social media.

My focus, my love, my passion, however, is creating Instagram content and training others to understand Instagram and enable them to manage their own accounts and teach them how to create their own content.

I have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor Of Arts majoring in Journalism & Literary Studies
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training
  • Graduate Diploma of Visual Communication Design (currently studying)

I have had the following experience within various roles:

  • Freelance Writer
  • Author of The Gomez Girls
  • Workplace trainer in business (Cert IV-Diploma)
  • Workplace trainer in hairdressing (Cert III-Diploma)
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Small business owner/operator
  • Creative

Yes, I’ve done a bit of everything and have been focusing on publishing my book over the past year.

The experience I have within these careers: Instructional design, assisted with two audits at two training colleges, worked with international and local students, Student Support Officer, developed curriculum to simplify systems, copywriting, creative writing, media releases, inductions for new students and staff and student OH&S.

Social media has allowed me to make some amazing worldwide connections and friendships with people I have never met and this has happened all through social media, all through a screen.

I concentrate now on Instagram because it is a passion and the difference to that of other social media and the opportunities are one that needs to be explained and seen to be appreciated.

Have a question? Email me today.

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