Instagram Geelong

Geelong Instagram training by Before Breakfast. Millions check their Instagram before breakfast and now you can get your Insta on.

Stock Pot of Pictures

Stock Image Resources Before Breakfast. If you have a website you will often need pictures to further tell a story. You may have a product that isn’t visually stimulating so you can opt to sell the emotion with a picture that will display this. Even a colorful article that stands alone may be overshadowed by a…

Why Blog?

Blogging Before Breakfast Why do people blog? I’ll get straight to it.  To share, to express, to vent, to create, to shock, to influence, to build a profile, to make money, to seek support, to document, to be heard and for an existing business. Whew.  There are actually a zillion reasons people blog and even…

Blogging and Bits

Blogging, creating, bits and bobs. Wow.  I can’t believe how busy I’ve been. Before Breakfast is taking off and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve had a few creatives fresh out of college,  a few businesses who all were seeking help with their social media accounts, and have written a few blog bits for those starting in the…

Before Breakfast

Welcome to Before Breakfast. Do you check your social media before breakfast? Millions do.