All About You

What is a hashtag?  Isn’t that the tic tac toe thingy used instead of the word number… ?

Aren’t birds the only things that tweet ? Why do I want people to like me, heart me, star me, pin me, give me a thumbs up, regram or share a what I do?

A blog…. a page.. a site…. an account…. username, business name, connections.  You’re freaking out and feel like you should know more and want help but have no idea where or how to start.

It’s a social world online and even those who vowed to never get involved have come to realise it’s no longer a choice but necessary to stay connected to get your message out there.

Many have no idea where to begin and don’t know or understand the basics.  That’s where Before Breakfast  comes into it.

We’re here  specifically  here for newbies of the social world or those who have accounts set up that are collecting cyber dust…  You may have very little understanding and want to venture into it but don’t know where to start. You may feel intimidated, lost and don’t want to ask anyone but know you can’t leave it any longer.

An hour is all it takes to explain the basics of social media.  We do it quickly, simply and at your place.

Yep, cliché it may be but I expose the bare bones and prep you the next step. The first meal before you get to the big bites of social media.

I can then give you links to build upon this yourself or put you in touch direct with a media or marketing consultant  who can put together a plan for you and even manage your social media accounts should you choose this.  I have the best of the best within the region and they can help you soar in the social media world from small to large campaigns, through targeted audiences and your budget.

Prior to Before Breakfast, you  have no idea on the terminology which makes it nearly impossible to know what to ask for so heading direct to a media consultant or manager with no knowledge makes no sense. Having a grip on the basics will give you the confidence to express and communicate the direction you have for your business.

I can keep you updated through a newsletter on any new info I receive on updates, hacks and ideas to keep you in the loop should you want or require this.  I’ll have these on my blog also.  With the social media world changing so frequently you can be assured I’ll keep you in the loop.

Social media allows you to create another dimension to your brand or business the ability to reach a targeted audience.

So call me, we’ll have a coffee or two and get you in this crazy world of social media.