Instagram Geelong

Geelong Instagram Training

Did you know that eating marshmallows for breakfast is bad for you??  But jeeeezzzz it makes a pretty Instagram pic…

Did you know that zillions of people use Instagram? Whew… that’s a lot….

Did you know that I hate all the jargon and specific facts because you don’t really need to know that a zillion people use it, what you need to know is if you’re not posting a pic on Insta,  you are missing out on connecting with your clients and building your audience?

Did you know that it is easy peasy to use Instagram and that you shouldn’t be afraid?

I  have helped dozens of local businesses and other individuals begin their Instagram journey and I can help you.

I customise training sessions around your curiosity.

Having a checklist to make sure we have everything covered ensures you will know all the basics but the session is flexible.

If you have random questions throughout we stop and explore these as  I understand that Instagram is a creative process and one that each person or group will see in a unique way.

You can see who I am  and why I love Instagram.

AND you can request session info or book a session with me by sending me an email.

Content Creation

I can take this $2 cactus from Woolies and make it look like this.

FullSizeRender (11)

I can also make boring old vitamin pills look like this…

FullSizeRender (10)

Or for you fashionistas, how do these Kmart $2 gold bling necklaces look?


If you are stumped for ideas on how to do a flatlay, how to take the perfect Insta pic or how to create the perfectly themed timeline, I have separate sessions for that.

Contact me  to organise a meeting or a session for yourself or a group.

You can click on the pics above to see my rainbow inspired @tamzito Instafeed or head to the @b4breakfast Instafeed to see me there.

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