Why Blog?

Blogging Before Breakfast

Why do people blog?

I’ll get straight to it.  To share, to express, to vent, to create, to shock, to influence, to build a profile, to make money, to seek support, to document, to be heard and for an existing business.

Whew.  There are actually a zillion reasons people blog and even more people who are clueless to what blogging is and mistake blogs for actual factual sites with reliable information.

In the network of blogging you see and hear all sorts of blogging success, stagnation and disasters.

If you are a greenie newbie it is almost inevitable to make mistakes.

Now I’m all for learning by making mistakes as they are the lessons most remembered but when these are displayed online for all to see it’s not always a pleasant experience especially seen by unwanted eyes.

There is also the chance no one will see it at all as you sit and ponder why not one person, not even your mum, best friends or closest workmates don’t follow you.   They may say, yep I saw that post but when you click on your stats, no one visited and you know they have lied…. (Big Sad Face)

I have been writing all my life and blogging was still new to me when I started over a year ago.  I had written for blogs, maintained a business blog but to have my own, to be knee deep in a dashboard and website that I maintain myself, trying to read my audience and understand the whole process, meant I had to pull out the big guns.

Commonsense,  prior experience in similar areas, an absolute desire to do something unique, knowledge within my degree and a thirst for longevity and success  meant I can now breathe for a moment and enjoy the journey.

I’d done the research, looked at many other blogs but I was lucky in that I love researching things and with a sister who has three online stores and loads of contacts I was set to avoid most pitfalls.

Many businesses are including a blog section on their sites.  This not only helps with SEO but gives the customer a chance to see the latest of what’s going on.

Be it a new service, product, staff member or even an interview with a client.  There should never be a shortage of ideas to keep clients coming back to your page to read this ‘new’ material.

It is a great way to connect on a different level with clients and business connections to give them extra information to your product or service.

Personal blogging is booming and I love seeing the many styles and concepts people come up with.  I’ll list a few but there are so many more type of bloggers.

Mummy/parenting bloggers, travel blogs, fitness blogs, diet and well being blogs, relationship/sex blogs, creatives be it arts, crafts, writing blogs, tech blogs, gaming blogs, movie/magazine/book blogs, wine blogs, foodie blogs (cooks or those who like to eat), personal blogs eg. ge related: life in my 20s/30s/in retirement, feel good blogs/motivational blogs/ inspirational blogs, life coach blogs, money blogs: how to make/save/spend  money, diversity blogs be it disability, race, religion, fashion, beauty or hair blogs, blogging blogs, humor satire blogs and of course the how to blogs. (how to do hair, woodwork, clean, make pasta)

Oh the list is endless..

How do I compete?

This is my advice if you are new to blogging.

Don’t compete. Just do your thing and let it grow as you do as a blogger.

Do what you love and the rest will come.

Dive into the blogging pit and enjoy the journey.  You can start it yourself for free on many of the platforms until you get your grove and go from there.

I wanted to do something different.  I loved writing loved creating new ridiculous things so I came up with my blog Tamzen Temple.  I made a part fictional character who does fake interviews, shares her part real, part fictional life with her readers and I feel safe that no one else is doing the same. (Wadda!! Sounds like a winning formula or totally ridiculous and sure to fail??)

This suited me but  you don’t have to be ‘different’ to blog as it is also about creating communities within the blogosfere…but I guarantee you no two bloggers are the same even if in the same genre.  Each bring their own voice and style.

I find in my genre/niche it is actually hard to make connections and group up but I knew it would be and I love the challenge and have a long term plan to where I want my blog to take me.

There obviously is much more advice to give eg. Monetizing your blog, planning, domain names, copyright, naming of you blog, branding, gaining followers, networking and connections, social media sharing, link ups, newsletters and a wholelottamore.

If you want more advice you can call me or send me an email.

Blog away


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