Before Breakfast: Geelong Insta Training

Up Way Before Breakfast 

I came up with the name Before Breakfast when thinking about when people first check their social media.

I knew that there were many sites I would have to compete with that had these word in it. There is a screen play, tips on what successful people do before breakfast, what to eat before breakfast and more.

I was however hooked on the name once I thought of it and liked the quirkiness of it. I had pictures and content already in my head, marketing ideas overflowing and there was no chance of changing my mind.

Using the name Before Breakfast went against my own advice of choosing something unique.

Someone had already bought the .com so I had to settle for the .au which was fine by me as it is a local business and I have no plans to take Before Breakfast out of Australia.

I knew that it would be a long journey to make the Before Breakfast name appear at the top of a Google search.

So that is why I’m writing this.. to be a bit cheeky and use the words Before Breakfast in volumes to help my SEO.  Yes, it may seem silly but it’s worked for me before..

Now a list is also helpful. So here are five points on Before Breakfast.

  1. I explain social media simply
  2. I also check my social media before breakfast
  3. I just used an extra before breakfast on the point number two
  4. Coming up with creative content is loads of fun
  5. I don’t make appointments before breakfast as that’s just too early and my hair would be extremely messy.

You can see the services I provide at Before Breakfast from the services tab.  (obviously)

Hopefully, soon you’ll see me on the first page,  in the meantime make sure you type the whole after the before breakfast link.

Other reasons why I called this Before Breakfast.

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  1. allirae21 says:

    That’s a genius name for your blog!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I love it and I love your NY food pics. Yummmmm.


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