Blogging and Bits

Blogging, creating, bits and bobs.

Wow.  I can’t believe how busy I’ve been.

Before Breakfast is taking off and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve had a few creatives fresh out of college,  a few businesses who all were seeking help with their social media accounts, and have written a few blog bits for those starting in the bloggosphere.

I’ve been creating lots of my own content for my blog and that in itself is a huge upkeep.
If you notice this blog, this site here your reading of Before Breakfast, you will notice it’s in a simple format.

I specifically chose to use WordPress and build it myself to show clients the ease of starting their own site. I have the basics here and using a WordPress template as I have here on this site, allows you to see a snippet of  what’s available.

You can get a self hosted WordPress site but I’m leaving Before Breakfast as is, as you see it here, to display that you can still get your message out without having to be too fancy.

To build a really awesome page you need to know coding and all sorts of stuff and I’ll leave that to the experts but if you are just starting out  and can’t afford to pay someone or want to give it a go yourself, it is possible to get something like you see here up and running.

I have lots of knowledge in maintaining a blog and creating content for blog posts. I have myself however outsourced work to the experts when updating my blog to another theme and for assistance in updates and plugins.

WordPress is free (to a point) with heaps of templates to choose from.  Anyone can do it.

If you’re starting out and want to begin a blog or site for your business call me. 

It’s all too easy so stop making excuses and begin your journey.

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