Before Breakfast

before breakfast


Welcome to Before Breakfast.

Do you check your social media before breakfast?

Picture this; millions across the world waking up, reaching across their doona, their pillows, their partners for their phones or tablets.

These people ignoring their loved ones to check their notifications to see who liked them, hearted them, favorited, retweeted, shared their posts, tagged them, emailed them, left a comment or took up an offer and they do this all before breakfast.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be seen in the wee early hours, or through the day or at night because let’s be honest; people check their social media constantly but most make first contact with the social world before they take their first bite of toast.

We’re here for business owners who just don’t know what a hashtag is or how it works and are a bit uncertain on how to fully bloom in the social media world.

We’re here for creatives who want to spread their message and we’re also here for the parents who don’t know anything about Facebook or Instagram.

We specifically concentrate on the newbies or those who have accounts set up collecting dust.

Based in Geelong, we come to you, your office, your workspace and give you a power session on social media.

Now, go have some toast, cereal, orange juice and of course a coffee… unless you prefer herbal tea…